The new App for the installer

V2 APPTOOL is the exclusive management app created by V2 and designed specifically for technicians and installers. Thanks to V2 APPTOOL, you can program the control unit and configure its parameters directly from a smartphone or tablet.
V2 APPTOOL works via WIFI protocol, is available for download on Google Store and Apple Store and connects to the control unit using the practical WF02 module.
What can you do with V2 APPTOOL? You can set all the parameters of the control unit, load the default data, read the current configuration or load a previously saved one.
V2 APPTOOL also allows access to the event log, quickly update the firmware of the control unit (Attention for this function it is necessary to check the compatibility of the control unit).




The new App for the end user

With V2 GO you can …
Remotely manage all your automations even when you are not at home. Not only check their status, but also control them! (Open, close, stop, activate the pedestrian opening, etc.)
Remotely manage your Automations even when you are not at home. Not only know their status but also check them! (Open, close, stop, pedestrian opening, etc.)
Enter your home without lifting a finger. By using the geolocation from your smartphone, V2 GO knows where you are and will open the chosen automation for you when you approach it, saving your time.
Check at any time who comes and goes. The App lets you manage all your accesses by giving specific time slots to who you want, when you want. It is also possible to have a historical access log.
Set up programmed scenarios to be run anytime you want. Forget about your daily operations: with V2 GO you can open or close automatically your automations by day and time ((For example: open the gate from 9.00 to 18.00, Monday to Friday)

To use the App, you need to connect your V2 control boards using the New ADI WIFI TOOL WF01 code 161230.

Download the free V2 GO Application from the official stores (Google Play, Apple App Store)


IOS 12.0
Android 8.0