Road barriers

Motors for barriers
Thanks to the V2 motors for gate barriers you can control the transit in points of passage or entry and exit from public and private parking areas, even in the case of frequent movements during the day. In fact the V2 motors are specially designed to withstand even an intensive use. You can rely on it.

Automations for gates

Motors for sliding gates
The sliding gate is the perfect solution to optimize space, where there is not enough space for the opening of the swing doors. The V2 automation systems are customized according to the weight and size of the gate, so as to withstand any weather condition over time.
Motors for swing gates
A swing gate has always been an element that is able to add value to the charm of the home. Through the installation of a V2 motor, you can add to the beauty of this type of gate the convenience of a safe and efficient automatic opening system. Make the most of your world.
Control units
The V2 control units are designed to handle swing gates and sliding gates, shutters, blinds and awnings. Innovation and research for the best technological solutions to ensure maximum safety of operation. Thus, after the installation, you don't need to worry about anything else.
Transmitters and receivers
V2 transmitters and receivers interact with high technology, to simplify the control of each system. Small in size and intelligent in performance, they offer practical and diversified solutions, to make remote control a more practical, easy and safe possibility. This is true comfort.
Security devices and accessories
Because V2 offers a full range of useful suggestions to complete a perfect security system, designed for any environment, public or private: photocells, proximity system and every type of accessories. In addition, the professional advice by V2, to find a customized solution. Protect what you care about most.
Solar energy systems
V2 research for years has been focused on the research of systems able to reduce, in their use, the impact on the environment. This research produced ECO-LOGIC, a solar energy device, which can be interfaced with many of our products, to provide energy efficient solutions. A practical solution for a greener world.